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  1. Agreed, I was trying to illustrate more of "things piling up" in that scenario but in hind sight I probably shouldn't have even mentioned the reddit post and kept the discussion local.
  2. Death Stranding requires DX 12_0, and while the card supports DX 11_0 even with the latest drivers. But I'll admit that I still don't quite get how a card can be DX12 compatible but remain on DX 11_0?? Prices are only great in the US and other few countries, LowSpecGamer made a great video about this topic! While I agree that the game will most probably not improve with time (as I have already stated, especially due to limited VRAM), I disagree that compat layers will be the direct cause, heck, if (in this case) wine improves, the already small overhead might even be smaller in the future.
  3. I think both of us know that this is simply not a solution to some of us who are less fortunate .-.
  4. Demo: I just think this is really neat, finally an incentive or a niche that may sway some users to at least give linux a try. The game runs like semi-crap tho, but with a little tweaking and some updates to wine/proton and vkd3d it might just get the boost it needs, but if we're being realistic it might remain the same because a lot of the stutter seems to be caused by the lack of VRAM. But hey, for some one out there who's dying to play this game, it might as well be their only real solution, and it's not like it's totally unplayable.
  5. Which version? The advertised bedrock + RTX version on the microsoft store? No. (Only cards with ray tracing cores are supported) The Java + Optifine + RTX Shader pack version Yes. But the performance hit is..... high, don't get me wrong, totes playable but just not as smooth
  6. https://web.archive.org/web/20190319081929/http://milksnot.com/content/project-dirty-laundry-how-defeat-whitelisting-without-bios-modding The article is really interesting, the site seems to have gone down and I didn't wanna lose this beauty of a hack. First off, TRY THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK. *clears throat* I have partially attempted this with an HP Probook 6470b The laptop used in the article is an HP 4730s and you should DEFOS NOT just copy paste the commands unless you have the same exact laptop. Anyways by partially I mean I researched the addresses required (because the 4730s uses a second gen chip while my probook is a 3rd gen) and got stuck at the "Actually Inserting A BlackListed Card Phase",,, wanna know why? Because I don't have any blacklisted cards! I have 6 different wifi cards btw, and they all worked! I never wanted to be unlucky in my life! If you're knowledgeable enough and can risk a laptop gone to the gutter (even though I dont see that happening) then do share your results if you decide to try it! Keep in mind that you do need to install the GRUB boot loader, doesn't matter if you're on windows or linux tho.
  7. He was quoted saying "I will spend my last dying breath if I need to, and I will spend every penny of Apple's to right this [android] wrong."
  8. I'm currently of a similar opinion, my only gripe is that (as I've previously mentioned) the writer provides no evidence in the article. I'm sure they worked at Apple (I mean 13 years is nothing to scoff at) but again, evidence.
  9. I defos agree ::::/ Yes, in fact the writer (ironically considering what's happening now) could even sue Apple. I'm not exactly familiar with US law but I've seen so many scenarios where this has happened and that was the outcome. As I do not live in the US I can't provide an answer, but I wouldn't predict that covid would prevent such a thing.
  10. Summary Ted Hodges, a writer at LowEndMac, has published an article where they accuse Apple for terminating them for allegedly helping an elderly friend with a data transfer between 2 iMacs. 2 weeks later they were approached by their boss (who knew of the ordeal from an unspecified source) and Mr. Ted admitted to doing the data transfer where they were laid off 2 days after the initiation of an investigation. Ted has posted the article 6 months after they got terminated "thanks to covid". Ted later describes their distaste towards Apple and announces that they would go Apple free. Quotes My thoughts First off, I sympathize a lot with the writer, however I must point out that there are many things that would let you go "Hmmmm...." Obviously the first thing that sticks out is the timing of this article, right when Apple is at it's lowest PR wise, chugging it as "Covid gave me time to think about it" is a convenient excuse. Second off, discussion towards this article has been rather negative on sites like reddit, it maybe the nature of the subreddit this is currently being discussed at but I didn't think that it would get such reception regardless. Thirdly, the writer provides 0 evidence of the termination or even them working at Apple, so I would be REALLY cautious. Finally, the article seems to throw a surprising amount of shade towards Apple, going as far as recommending competitors such as Spotify instead of Apple Music. Sources https://lowendmac.com/2020/dear-apple-your-services-are-no-longer-required/ https://www.reddit.com/r/apple/comments/ic79ff/dear_apple_your_services_are_no_longer_required/