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  1. Oh boy, I have a lot of testing ahead of me Thanks for all the ideas!
  2. When I took the picture I wasn't done cable managing, hadn't yet secured the PSU, front panel cabling still dangling. Some of the defects you mention in cable management still exist, though, so thanks for the input! This is my first case that offers proper cable managment options, obviously I'm having a hard time utilizing those properly. I really hope I'll not be too lazy to try out your fan layout solution. It looks very interesting. I feel like the current solution should do better in terms of pure GPU stress testing, while yours should do better for all other cases, i.e. pure CPU stress test, and CPU+GPU stress test. Where the CPU+GPU case is the most important one, unless the GPU comes with really poor cooling (I am seriously considering getting that horrible piece of trash thing from "Silence your Gaming PC with THIS" video, because GPU coolers are just so bad).
  3. Appreciate your input guys! And thanks a lot for the cardboard hint, makes perfect sense!
  4. Hi! My old PC had huge airflow / cooling problems, especially related to my gfx card. So before upgrading my system, I decided to get everything else right. Right now I got a 4690k + GTX 970 Windforce. I upgraded to a Lian Li Lancool 2 Mesh Performance case, 7 Noctua case fans + NH-D15, and went for a fanless Seasonic 600W Titanium PSU. Current fan layout in the diagram. To cut things short: It is a tremendous success over my old system. Instead of my rusty GPU throttling from 1300 MHz to 1100 MHz @ 80C, it runs now at 70C full speed. CPU is much cooler as well. I am just wondering: Should I rotate the NH-D15 90 degrees, to exhaust through the top? Thanks for any hints and other ideas!