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  1. 165hz monitor atm so I’ll be pushing it but I’m going to be buying a 1440p soon anyway. No point in me going 4K with 60hz being the normal affordable monitors
  2. I assumed I’d need to up my display even if I dropped to a 20 series card, so if I got a 1440p monitor the bottleneck wouldn’t be bad?
  3. Unfortunately I’ve only got 1080p right now but a 1440p was next on the cards after Christmas aha
  4. Before I make a boo boo and order myself a 3080 to go in my new i5-10600k build.. I’ve been told it will bottleneck.. I know gpu bottlenecking is usually a good thing but is it worth picking up a 2080ti/super instead or will I still see the increased performance from a new card?
  5. Personally it’s because I know intel more and I’ve done more research into their CPU’s but if you can suggest an alternative CPU and Mobo then I’m 100% down to look into it
  6. I am planning on waiting but that’s mainly for funds since I’m just buying a new house rn, so it’s going to be a month or two anyway I just like to have everything planned and then that way if they go down in price I’m laughing
  7. I think I’ve narrowed my choices down to these 2 mobo’s for my first build but they seem so similar I can’t decide.. budget around £280-300 so if you have any other suggestions and why I’m all ears! going for an i5 10600k and a 2080 super. Preferably want one that will future proof me a bit so any help would be greatly appreciated
  8. I’ll probably do that then, it saves me money in the long run too! Now just need to find a decent Z490 around £250. I was originally going gigabyte but now I’m not sure
  9. It’s for gaming and general bits of work here and there, I was thinking that with the 9th gen that was my main worry since in a few years I’ll need a new mobo too
  10. Hi guys! Completely new to Pc building but not Pc gaming.. had my current rig for 5 years and it’s in need of replacing. im planning on “future” Proofing myself for a good few years but I keep tripping myself up over the cpu choice. i was originally going I9 9900k, Z390 Master with a 2080 super but I’m wondering if I’m better off going I7 10700k with a Z490 pro/ultra since the new gen10 Chips are swapping time a 1200 socket?