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  1. The x470 pro isn't that great anyway (especially the VRMs)
  2. Ordered a B500 Auros Pro.Hope that it has better comparability
  3. Looks like it was on auto (1.1v) set it to 1.1v manually and still no luck
  4. Will try that. Do i need to do anything else or just set it to 1.1v
  5. already did that cleared it when i installed the new cpu and everything. Even went as far as to try 1.4v but still no luck
  6. Yep latest one was released 4 days ago and just updated but still no luck
  7. Hey guys I recently upgraded to a 3700x from a 2700 and kept the Asus X470 prime mobo. Before i put the 3700x in i was able to hit 3200mhz @1.35v with my ram and with the 3700x i can only hit 3000 @1.35v. Do you guys have any tips and suggestions for me, any would be appreciated. thanks