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  1. if you have a spare pci port then you can get https://www.amazon.com/dp/B016K0896K/ref=emc_b_5_t
  2. Looking for a new case with good airflow. currently have a mini tower and looking for a mid or full tower case with at least drive bay for 3 ssds. Preferably with tempered glass panel. No budget limit in USD
  3. Currently playing death stranding and monster hunter on PC (forgot to mention some VR games as well). my PSU is 750w. only reason im thinking of a cpu/mobo upgrade cause a few sites saying that a 6700k isnt enough with a 2060 and recommends more ram and a better cpu hence my search. also future proofing cause why not? not in a rush to get anything asap as this is a long term goal
  4. No budget, USD and USA no reason. just comfy with it, i could try amd tho. and Gaming usage. no budget im looking to invest in my pc as its pride and joy. workload? mostly high end games that i wanna run on ultra or high fps
  5. have you taken apart your pc to check? could be a loose cable or at worst a faulty psu. it doesnt hurt to go through the basic to check if anything is damaged or out of place
  6. Hey new to the forum! first post hype! ahem but im looking to upgrade my system. I prefer intel over amd. I have i7-6700k, the mobo is an asrock Z170M PRO4S with Corsair Vengeance LED 16GB(2x8gb). i dont mind spending extra since i want to go for a high end pc. at the very minimum im looking to make the most of my 2060 super. Can anyone recommend me some good parts?