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  1. Thanks for the suggestion. Yeah I am going to make sure that the motherboard's HDMI port is at least 2.0 and that it has a display port as well. But thanks for the reassurance that the CPU has the power to do it, as long as the motherboard has the outputs to support it.
  2. Hello Everyone, Looking to build a small form factor work PC for my wife. Her work is just office based stuff (web apps, Word, Excel) but she works with very large spreadsheets and timetables so screen real estate is important. I bought her a 28" 4k screen which she loves but her old Yoga Pro 3 (Core M) laptop lags up. Does anyone have any experience running a 3400G plugged into twin 4k monitors? Does it have enough power to keep things running smoothly, or would I be better off for her to give her my Ryzen 1600, couple it with a 1030/1050? She's not a gamer, this is purely an office machine, I'm just concerned that's a lot of pixels to push. Thanks for any help guys!