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  1. Which one is better? Both are 550W both are bronze rated.
  2. Yeah I'm upgrading the PSU. What if I installed a case fan on either back or the side of the case will that keep it cool?
  3. Please don't judge me I haven't opened this thing for 2 years but now I want to upgrade so will a RX 570 fit in this thing? It currently has a gt 710. Edit: Ended up buying a new case.
  4. Yeah I understand that my current rig wont pull even half of 450W but I am looking forward maybe 4 to 5 years when I will have like an i7 or maybe and a 2060 super then I'll have to get another PSU.
  5. I think the CX550 will be a better choice it will give me enough headroom for future upgrades and I read online that you should get 100W more than you need so the psu doesn't get stressed while overclocking and it will last longer. What do you think?
  6. and what about the gpu? I mean if I wanted to upgrade to like a 2060 super, will it be able to power that too?
  7. No I'm planning to upgrade the cpu and also the mobo in maybe 3 to 4 years. Right now I'm only upgrading the gpu and psu.
  8. Are you sure? Keep in mind that I will upgrade it again after some years.
  9. i3 7100 3.9 ghz RX 570 4gb Asus h110m-cs 2x4gb ddr4 2400 mhz 1 TB HDD 21 inch 60hz monitor Will the CX450 be enough for this pre-built or should I go for the CX550?
  10. The one I found has gray branding so it will be good enough right? I can't go above this budget. Also what about the VP550P?
  11. So I decided to upgrade my pc with a new gpu (rx 570 4gb) and I need a new PSU because my current one doesn't even have a 6+2 connector. I found two PSUs in my budget which are the Antec VP550P Plus and the Corsair VS550 but some people online are saying they both are trash so it will be really nice if someone would recommend me a good PSU in this price range (about 50 to 55 USD). Specs: i3 7100 Asus H110M-CS 2x4 GB ddr4 2400 mhz RX 570 4 gb 1 tb hdd