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  1. I've been leaning towards the HiFiman Sundaras, but I keep second guessing myself because of the bass roll off inherent with planar magnetic drivers. I'm just not that familiar with what types of sounds are 50Hz and below (just rumbling explosions in movies or will this affect drum lines in rock songs?).
  2. Mostly hard rock, but I enjoy a fairly wide variety of genres (as mentioned above, I've been particularly hooked on One Winged Angel which is blended rock and classical). I've been suspicious that spending more than $400 would have pretty diminishing returns which is why I'm asking for advice, but again, the budget isn't really an issue unless it starts getting more than $800 for the headset itself.
  3. I'm willing to spend $600-$800 (possibly more if there's a compelling reason) on an audiophile grade headphone or IEM (I could potentially be happy with either), I suspect I will also likely need desktop DAC and amp in this price bracket. I mostly listen to hard rock so I definitely appreciate good bass, but I appreciate the rest of the spectrum as well (lately can't stop listening to the FF7 AC version of One Winged Angel ). I suspect the noise isolation of IEMs would be of particular benefit in my case as my kids can occasionally be very loud, but I can find ways to isolate myself if there's a headphone option with significantly better sound for the price (will mostly be listening alone so I'm not worried about sound leak from open back).