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  1. Bumping this just to see if anyone could possibly answer my original question
  2. Yeah I know that would solve my question completely but as i told sub68 i'd rather keep the amount of cables to a minimum cause i'd need it for 2 devices not just one, which the cost of a hub like that would be comparable to a regular KVM.
  3. Well, I would like to use the monitor as a KVM to switch between my PC and laptop. So I would need to get one that has the ability to switch between 2 devices and at that point i could probably find a regular KVM for the same price as the hub but I'm trying to keep the amount of cables to a minimum.
  4. I could, yes, but i'd rather not have the ethernet cable just hanging around when I unplug my laptop cause I take it all over the house.
  5. Hello, I've been looking through monitors that have USB C support so that I can connect my laptop to the monitor and use it as a KVM to switch between my laptop and PC. I am planning on connecting my mouse + keyboard and a USB ethernet adapter so that my laptop will use ethernet from the monitor. So my question is, if a monitor supports the ability to pass the mouse + keyboard through to the USB C port into the device (aka my laptop), would it also pass ethernet if i connect it into the USB ports on the monitor? Or would it have to be strictly marketed as something like Thunderbolt where it's guaranteed that it passes ethernet through the USB C port. It's not clear based on how the monitors are marketed in the specs and I couldn't really find a clear answer anywhere cause I know USB C has the ability to handle ethernet but I just don't know if that means if a monitor has a USB C output that it can automatically handle ethernet.