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  1. I got this card about 2 weeks ago and the issue wasn’t present when I first got the card. The fan seems smooth when I took it out and spun it.
  2. I have a Gigabyte 1660 Super 2 fan model and usually after I play a game or my GPU temp goes up and starts cooling down my fan starts making this noise. I believe it may be a vibration that happens when my fan RPM is low or slowing down. When I pull the cooler down a little noise stop but I can feel a lot of vibrations coming from the card. I can mostly hear it at it’s peak when the fan is at 25% speed. I can solve the issue when I set the fan curve to a minimum of 40% but that is too loud for me when I’m at idle. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VT9VA6gNdo_yblIfF7zquyDpFGw8MqNm/view?usp=drivesdk
  3. Dual channel doesn’t work even with MemOK! But if you know anything that could help me fix that please tell me. Anyways thanks for your help
  4. But the last thing should I just be able to switch back to A2 B2 for dual channel?
  5. Sorry, I couldn’t find online or in the manual how to use memOK, I’ll put the RAM in A1 and A2 but could you tell me how to use it?
  6. I will try to use the MEMok! Button since it says it would co figure incompatible memory.
  7. I believe they are A2 and B2 which are the main slots but I will try B1 and A2 with clearing the CMOS since I tried this earlier. Same issue as before error code AC then 55 Edit:Mixed up letters
  8. I see the edit but I believe I’m been on version 3802 since launch 2 years ago
  9. I cleared CMOS while it was power off and the got code AC ( Reserved for ASL) then switched to 55 (No memory installed) It also doubles booted again. I also have a MemOK! switch at the top right of my mobo
  10. Yes, I’ve also tried each slot individually, whatever I do it won’t post with 2 sticks. I’ve tried running at lower speeds as well. Both sticks are functional and all the slots are working but whatever the setup with the RAM it just doesn’t work with 2.
  11. I forgot to mention that I tried this first still gives me issues at 2400 and 2133.
  12. Asus Maximus VIII Hero - Z170 Intel 7400 2 x 8 GB 3000 MHz CL16 T-Force Vulcan Z R9 M360 WD Blue 1 TB I used to have a stick of 8gb random RAM that ran at 2133 and it worked fine, I decided to get a new set of the Vulcan Z. It will not post with both sticks installed. It has error code 49(Cant Find What it Means) and either the CPU or DRAM LED on. It works with XMP enabled on one stick but same problem when I insert the second stick. I’ve tried using the different slots and I checked for bent pins and didn’t find any. It also double boots every time I insert the second stick. I am on the latest BIOS.