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  1. Using both networks, I recently tried reset password so I could test it with only my wife's computer and my computer on the network and I got the same results. One of my friends recommended that I look into Mesh type system. I'm not so certain that this would be useful in a 900 square foot condo with loft.
  2. I've been having trouble with the internet download speeds lately. I had 100Mbps service but noticed that my speed was getting 20Mbps with only 3 devices logged on. I thought it was the modem and replaced along with getting faster service of 400Mbps. Directly plugging the modem into the computer I was getting 340Mbps, but connected to my four year old Netgear R8500 I only got 24Mps. I tried the speedtest again with an ipad that was within sight of the router(about 6 feet). The ipad results were the same at 23Mbps. Would replacing the router get me anywhere near 100Mps via wifi? My wife has been using Zoom with audio drop outs so fixing network is priority. I live in a 900 square foot two story condo with about 30 other wifi signals detected(not surprising with 350 units in complex). When I first got the R8500 router, it did get 100Mbps speeds, not sure if it dying or neighborhood wifi arms race is to blame. I am thinking about replacing it with a gaming router but not sure what I should get? Thanks and sorry about the rambling of an old man