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  1. I have a old massive V-1000/ no case window Lian li case and I am extremely nastalgic for Silicon graphics workstations and want to do a build that is a homage to their coolness and 90s computing clout. I want to build a case that could fit in a what if senario say if SGI still made individual workstations in 2020. The wild solid colors and designs look like they built the machines starting from the inside out and we're modular. Maybe if they decided to quit making Government and University supercomputers they could breath new life into the workstation space when it comes to hardware integration and have crazy stuff like dozens M.2 drives and maybe small 4u rack equivalent of AMD Eypc processors like maybe 8 or 16 sockets or at least 6! Lol. Something way off the wall that's a entire half rack of CPU/ GPU in a compact cube case and super dense and has PROM ! Aka GUI bios like MSI used to have. I have a Magna Cours 6128, 8 core and 32 gigs ram Windows 10 Pro that was upgraded from The fancy Host Party Pack , Steve balmer edition of windows 7 ultimate. I used it as a virtualization lab for testing large deployments of thin clients running off this that were all from HP and energy efficient using that platform for hospitals. @@@@@@@What color do you think I should wrap it in Folks@@@@ ,I want to do something wild! Say maybe electric lime green or a hot pinkish raspberry color or even yellow perhaps. Since this case has a huge number of drive bays I will be a fanagling a little 1080p IPS display that AliExpress sells that should be relatively easy to install. I don't have a 3D printer to make the part but I want to use the original BUG logo in a raised way on the case. I have a unix o2 workstation and 320 Visual Workstation Windows 2000 with a 1600 SV LCD display running at 1600x1024. 1998 was a rad year when this came out . I have a computer that used to put the lines and graphics on the field all the TV view for NFL football stadiums. It has a ton of notes in txt for how to set up cameras and some pointers but I have no idea how to get it to execute the football line app in IRIX without some documentation, it's Irix 6.4 so I have no idea what the SUDO code in the terminal is to run anything fancy. I sometimes play my Dreamcast on the S-Video port and it looks fantastic.I have had no luck ever finding Maya and Adobe Illustrator CDs to install or be able to connect with old FPT access systems out there with all the old software but I haven't looked to see if those archive sites are still active for demo software I tried and failed to connect to some nearly a decade ago with to try and install some cool demos. . The SGI 320 workstation was maxed out with two Pentium 3 processors and 768 MB of proprietary ram and a UMA shared ram system essentially 512 MBs of video ram. You can share ram with CPU or have it use it for GPU. It Only supports Open GL with Windows 2000 and does not work with direct X and it runs the open source quake mod Open Arena like a dream.