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  1. I'm returning it and just not saying I punched it with a screw and saying it came like that. I also found a different capacitor that was leaning to the side a lot which means it could be broken and that I didn't do so it was already broken anyways.
  2. If it doesn't work do you think I could just return the board? It's still within 30 days of me buying it.
  3. So I should take the cpu out and just plug the psu into the motherboard to test if it works?
  4. There is definitely a dent of some kind but I can't tell if it actually punctured the casing or not. Should I just turn it on and see if it works?
  5. While trying to screw in something on the cpu cooler my screwdriver slipped of and hit one of the capacitors leaving the damage shown in the pictures. Will it be okay or do I need to get a new motherboard? This is one of the capacitors to the left of the cpu and the board is an Asus B450-F