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  1. Domide


    Or if i buy another 2933 to pair it with the single 2933 will i fell any difference between them and the3000 ones?
  2. Domide


    Two of them are pairs so I should remove one of them for better performance?
  3. Domide


    The fans are connected as they should be but one of the led rings do not light up. When they are interconnected only one of them starts lighting up but if i connect the one that is not working instead of the one that is it still does not light up. And as for the rams so I should take on of them off but if i get another 2933 will they work as they show now on 3000mhz as the other 2 are 3000?
  4. Domide


    I will give a cookie to whoever has any idea :D.
  5. Hello again LTT community , I have another problem that you might be able to help Yesterday i have finally gotten my NZXT aer rgb 2 kit with 2 Fans and 1 Hue I got them as a late present so they arrived quite slow. To begin with I am also using the nzxt h510i case with 2 led strips in it from the manufacturer and a kraken m22 pump, First when i just connected the new FANS to the existing hue they did not light up, after that i learned that i need to connect them one to another and then each of them on my mobo and then one rgb cable from the 2 that are connected between them into the nzxt hue 2 and I also plugged the strip All good until then, after that i turned on the pc and saw that only one of the fans is working. At this point I had the on the table and just connected as I wanted to check first. Even after I have switcht the cables from the one that was working into the the one that was not that one did not light up( only when the cable was being put in for a split second it lighted some colors) . Any Ideas? I am very sad that they do not work as they should And also the NZXT cam does not see the cooling options only the color options. Please help me and thank you! PS: for the cable managing what can I do to to get a better look on my cables and how to put the pump in a way it wont affect my GPU or stand on it? PS2: One of the rams is only on one module it was bought from a third party person and he said its on 3200 mhz but when i got home it was on 2933 but they are all 3 from Hyper X Predator cl 15 and they seem to work on 3000mhz the speed the other 2 are on Will I have any problems with 3 of them 24 gb running on 3000mhz?
  6. But I should still upgrade the CPU right?
  7. I do plan on getting the RTX 2070 or the Super Version. Or wait for the 3000 series.
  8. Thank you very much kind sir. And what would also help me with some improvement on the FPS on 4k gaming as I feel my Pc is struggling that is the reason of the upgrade.
  9. I play mostly atm Black Desert an MMorpg and on the 144hz monitor it performs well and i get 90-70-100 fps depends on how many people etc on the server. But on the 4k monitor it strugles a lot . I also have the other 8 gb stick exactly the same But i feel the cpu is dragging me down atm.
  10. Yup I will get the 3600 after all and yes I do have some Thermal Paste . But Now the dumb question will I see an improvement overall at my FPS? and general PC usage? I will attach the almost full build but now i have 16 gb rams and 1 more SSD and 2TB of 7200 Sata
  11. But if i do a bios update the 3600 from ryzen will work on a b350 mobo? As that's what i am inclined to think
  12. IT's a Cooler Master V650, 650W, ATX 2.3, PFC Activ
  13. And beside the Cpu and Gpu Shouls I worry about switching anything else?
  14. So faster then the 3000Mhz I have now on?
  15. Umm yes sorry for that. I play mostly BlackDesert , Apex, Valorant, RDR2. Those I played recently.