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  1. I got this used Asus Expedition Rx 570 and every driver that i install gets the same error saying "No AMD Driver is detected or not working properly" GPU-Z shows no clock or fillrate, i think its a mining bios but idk i wanna make sure.
  2. I did everything again, but this time including everything you mentioned. Everything works as intended, Im new to Ryzen so i never expected this to be the problem lol. Thanks dude
  3. Will do. Ill start from scratch one more time. I had a AIO driver solution which probably made things the way they are lol.
  4. Installed with UEFI. i tried some more stuff with AOMEI and after a restart it at least shows me a "windows needs to be repaired" blue screen (which I can't do anything on). Basically it sees that the drive used to have working windows on it. Im still trying to figure out why it wiped it in the first place
  5. Yesterday i finally finished my new build with a Ryzen 5 3600, Aorus Ultra Gaming x470, 16gb ram and RTX 2070. I installed windows and all my programs and drivers on my WD green m.2 SSD. I came to the point where i had to restart to get some of the stuff to work and then it happened. After the restart the whole drive was empty... I read a post on Tom's Hardware that i should use software like mini tool to check if everything is still there but showing a blank drive(i butchered the explanation lol) and sure enough with AOMEI i got all the files into place expect the bootrec stuff which seems to be completely corrupted I need to know what's causing this issue so i dont have to install windows and all my stuff for the 4th time to still have it happen again...