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  1. Thanks for the input. Looking at Ryzen Master, the voltage is 1.375V during cinebench r20, cpu runs at 4,280 MHz. Everything is stock except for XMP turned on. 78C is the highest I've seen, it's usually 73-75C. I found a thread were people listed their ryzen temps during cinenbench, and based on that 70-80C seems normal. I guess like you said with fan curves it comes down to preference, so will just make sure cpu stays under 80C. Will increase fans a bit, don't really mind the noise since I use the pc mostly for gaming, it was just the ramping up/down which was bothering me but the fan curve solved that. Thanks again
  2. The other 2 fans work fine with a fan curve, I think it just modulates the voltage to adjust the RPM, PWM just gives finer control
  3. Looking at the fan it seems fine, would I be able to tell if it dropped to 0 RPM for a millisecond? And would the RPM sensor be on the mobo or the fan? Thanks I'm a noob.
  4. Hi, one of the three fans that came with my case (P500A) keeps jumping to 2000+ RPM and will sometimes drop to 0 RPM. It should be running at 1000RPM consistently according to my fan curve. The other two fans are working fine. I have tried attaching the fan to a different fan header but still have the same issue. It's a 3 pin fan so I have set on DC, temp source is system, and I have attached a photo of the fan curve. Is the fan faulty? Thanks
  5. Yeah sorry, I no longer have the fan ramping up/down quickly, I just wanted to make sure the fan curves and temps are alright.
  6. Hi, I recently built a new PC: 3800XT G.Skill Trident Z Neo 2x16GB 3600 CL16 RAM MSI X570 Tomahawk Noctua NH-D15 (using 1 fan) 970 Evo Plus GTX 970 Phanteks SK140 DRG PWM Fan (Exhaust) Phanteks P500A Case with 3x 3pin 140 Fans for Intake I am not really sure how to set up the fan curves... Initially I just set everything on Smart Fan Mode, but the fans would constantly ramp up and down I guess due to the temp spikes which was very annoying. I then changed the step-up/step-down times but that didn't help much so tried creating my own fan curves. I also switched the temp source for the front intake fans to "system", I wanted to choose "MOS" but for some reason it won't let me choose that option. With the custom fan curves, my CPU is around 35C Idle, around 45-55C while gaming, and when testing with Cinebench gets up to 78C on multi and 60C on single core test. I'm a complete noob but those temps sound ok right? This is what I have for the CPU/Exhaust Fan (Both PWM and Temp Source set to "CPU"): 0C/50% 40C/50% 65C/75% 70C/100% This is what I have for the Intake Fans (3pin DC Fans): 40C/8.40V 55C/9.00V 70C/10.80V 75C/12.00V Are those fan curves ok? Also, any idea why System Fan 2 keeps jumping between 0 RPM and 2000+RPM? It's the only fan that does that. The other intake fans stay around 1000 RPM most of the time, using "system" as temp source doesn't seem to change their speed much. Ambient temperature is 24.5C. Thanks a lot for your help!
  7. Guys sorry I’m stupid, using Apple Cinema Display and forgot to unplug usb cable from monitor to my Mac
  8. Hi, Yesterday I put together my build with all components except for the NVMe. It posted successfully and I could get into the BIOS. Today I installed the NVMe, but I no longer get a monitor signal (keyboard, mouse works). I also inserted the usb with Windows 10 but nothing. I tried tapping the delete key and f11 once it starts but nothing happens. I have cleared CMOS, check all wires, tried different monitor cables, and made sure GPU is installed properly. There are no errors on the debug LED and all the fans spin up properly. Any ideas? 3800XT X570 Tomahawk Trident Z Neo 3600 CL16 GTX 970 Samsung 970 Evo Plus Thanks
  9. Thanks a lot for the help! I need my PC for a competition on Sunday, so going to install everything now and then hopefully I get the case on on Saturday and just need to install the parts.
  10. Hi, I have all my parts installed but still waiting on the case to arrive (shipment delayed). I have my motherboard placed on the box it came in and have tested it to make sure that everything is working. Would it be fine to run my pc like that on the box (as shown in the photo) for a few hours to install windows 10, drivers, etc, or can the mobo be damaged? Thanks!
  11. @TheDailyProcrastinator thanks a lot for the info, I am new to all this so very helpful.
  12. Ok thank you, I will wait until Sept 1, if no rumors about upcoming AMD event I will buy then. I bought a Phanteks P500A so Noctua should fit @Shimejii Thanks for the info!
  13. Thank you all for the advice! What you say makes sense, I will get the 3700x unless they have the 3800x for $20 more in stock, I will overclock it. I need a PC by the end of the month (don't have working one as CPU died), from what I read AMD is launching their CPUs in November, or did that change? I will use my gtx 970 in the meantime. Thank you I will get the 3800x for $20 more. A Noctua NH-D15 should be fine for overclocking right? Thanks again!
  14. Hi, I am building a new pc for gaming and streaming/recording. Might do some video editing of gameplay as well. I mostly play F1 2020, Assetto Corsa, and Battlefield 5. I want to try some flight sims in the future as well. I plan to keep this PC for 4-5 years. I plan on buying the 3000 series GPUs but buying cpu/mobo now since old one died. From my research so far it seems that the 3700x would be enough for what I want to do, the 3800x is marginally better than the 3700x and not worth the money unless on sale, and the 3900x is said to be more future proof but probably wouldn't notice any extra performance in gameplay. What do people mean when they say the 3900x is more future proof? Realistically will games be optimized to use 8+ cores in the next 3-4 years? Any other reason to get it? I don't mind paying another $100 if the pc is more future proof but at the same time don't want to waste money on performance I'll never use. Would you get the 3800x if it is $20 more than the 3700x? Thanks!
  15. To update on this, I replaced the PSU but no luck. I now get a red CPU Light with a 00 Post Code, so I guess the CPU is dead. Could be motherboard too but from reading other forum posts most likely CPU.