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  1. No the problem is I can't game I build a 300$ gaming pc but can't game if I don't want to game I could have made it 200$
  2. Enm850ewt-s,r9 fury And when games are loading it buzzing noise intensifies and after a click it crash the pc
  3. A load spike as in a rapid increase of gpu/CPU useage like when loading a game
  4. So I got this enermax 850w 80+ gold and it makes a buzzing sound underload NOT a whine. So after checking it's not a fan problem nor is it underpowered. So any idea how I can fix it? I can't rma it cause out of warrenty and Don't have the money for a new one. But it only happens in gaming cause both benchmark and mining runs fine even with 10% overclock. under a smooth high load it only buzzes but won't shut down but when a spike in load happens it shuts down with a click.