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  1. should I go for a 4GB or 6GB one? or do these not really matter?
  2. upgrade to what? an i7 or a higher gen i5? also RX 580 will get bottlenecked due to the CPU right?
  3. Budget (including currency): 27,000 PKR (roughly $160 USD) Country: Pakistan Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Only for gaming with games like Modern Warfare, BF5 and other similar games like the upcoming CoD Other details: Existing Parts: GeForce GT 730 Intel core i5-3470S @2.9GHz 12 GB RAM 230V PSU 500 GB 1 TB HDD I am aware that it is hard to fit anything in my budget but if the cheapest suitable improvement option is a little more expensive then still pls tell me. I do not need any peripherals, I have a single 1600x900 monitor but I would be happy with 1080p resolution 60 fps gaming. Currently in CoD modern Warfare, the fps drops to as low as 7 with an average of 18 (at the lowest possible graphic settings ofc) even after decreasing the display resolution to around 1360x768. FPS climbs to 35 at the lowest 800x600. I know that I need a new GPU but I just needed advice on which one I should buy and whether anything else would cause a bottleneck like my 3rd gen processor or if my PSU is unsuitable. I had the 1050ti in mind which fits the budget but if there is some other component which also needs to be improved then pls tell me. While gaming, my memory and CPU usages are 75% and 95% respectively. I am aiming to buy asap as I think prices are increasing due to the pandemic (correct me if I am wrong). Any help would be much appreciated. P.S I think prices are relatively higher in my country due to customs taxes and what not so pls take that into consideration.