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  1. I have an 4-5 yr old secondary workstation that suddenly died on me. I am guessing it's a dead CPU - or motherboard, but before I replace it, I figured I'd double check and see if anyone got some good advice here. It's an Asus X99-A II motherboard and an 6800K CPU. It's been running fine until today, when I noticed the AIO radiator fans where running very fast and loud. Which is weird, because the computer has been sitting idle for the last week or so, and I know it was idle and ok just last night. Got no image on the monitor, so I reset the computer and still no signal. Looking at the motherboard I noticed the DRAM LED was lit up orange, and the code b0 was lit up. b0 seems to be "Runtime Set Virtual Address MAP Begin" according to ASUS website. Not quite sure what that means though. Power cycle, still same result. I have 8x16GB RAM sticks installed, so first thing to test was to re-seat all of them. Still same result. I tried booting with a single stick, another stick, different slots etc. Always the same result. I even tried with no RAM installed. Took out the GPUs. The same result every time. I cleared the CMOS, disabled the XMP jumper on the motherboard and even tried the MemOK button (which flashes DRAM LED for a few seconds, then switches to RED on CPU LED, reboots and repeats) So far nothing gets me past the b0 error. So, at this point, I am suspecting the RAM is ok, but actually the Motherboard or CPU is fried. I would assume the CPU since it was overclocked, but the Motherboard throwing and stopping at the DRAM LED, and not the CPU LED, throws me off a little bit. Have I missed anything? Any other suggestions at this point? Thanks!