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  1. (UPDATE: There was one thing I forgot to check out. "What if I connect to another screen through HDMI? When I connected my screen, ASUS MB16AMT, to my laptop through HDMI. It didn't work, or at best I could see that screen being displayed for about 1 second... could it be that my HDMI-port (either hardware-wise and/or software-wise has become weird or at worst case, damaged? I'm going to get a cable tomorrow, Mini DisplayPort to HDMI that supports 4K and 60Hz. Hopefully, this will work and that way, I can narrow the problem down to the HDMI-port) I want to preface this post by saying that I have searched and found similar topics, yet I found no solution that was applicable for this case. For a couple of weeks now, I'm unable to change resolution and refresh rate on my PC when connected to my receiver (or directly to the projector). It's stuck at 4K and 30Hz, any change to either refresh rate or resolution will have the projector go black and after 20 seconds, it goes back to 4K and 30Hz. Note that when I connect another device, such as my Switch, it instantly displays it's maximum resolution of 1080p and refresh rate of 60Hz just fine. So there has to be something with the laptop. So, let's start with hardware first. Display: BenQ W2700 / HT3550 projector Receiver: ONKYO TX-NR696 Cables: https://www.audioquest.com/cables/digital-cables/hdmi/forest Laptop: https://www.msi.com/Laptop/support/GT73VR-6RE-Titan#down-driver Bottom line - Everything supports up to 4K and 60Hz no problem, and I have been able to use any combination of a resolution up to 4K and refresh rate up to 60Hz from April 2019, all the way up until a couple of weeks ago. What I have looked into/measures I have taken. Trying to change resolution and refresh rate through the NVIDIA Control Panel Trying to change resolution and refresh rate by going into display adapter properties (see pic) Trying to connect directly to the projector, instead of connecting to the receiver. Pulling out and thouroughly insert all HDMI-cables, from all ends and sources. Reinstalling the latest Game Ready-drivers. Reinstalling Windows 10 (I now use an update from November 2019) Updating BIOS and firmwares for both the projector and receiver. Again - when connecting the Switch, it displays what the device is capable of just fine. Plug and play! I can't say for sure where or why exactly this happened. I can only say that there likely is some weird connection to me using a small display a couple of weeks ago, ASUS MB16AMT, that has a DisplayPort (USB-C) and is compatible with the DisplayLink drivers when connected to a computer through USB-C. Normally, I connect through USB-C, but I had to charge my screen, so I connected the charger to the USB-C port and instead connected to my laptop through micro-HDMI to HDMI cable. After I did so, a couple of weeks ago, then the big problem happened. My projector will 110% only display 4K / 30Hz when connected to my laptop. If I apply anything else, the screen goes black for 20 seconds and afterwards returns to 4K / 30Hz. This means I can't even turn down the resolution if I wanted to. Before this event, I never had choosing whatever resolution up to 4K and refresh rate up to 60Hz on my laptop. Note that all screenshots/files is taken when laptop is connected to the projector and Project is set to "second screen only". All screenshots with a drop-down of available refresh rates are taken with the pre-chosen refresh rate that you see is marked. When playing audio, a stutter occurs every 3-4 seconds or so, with audio returning after about 1 second. If anybody can help with this, it's much appreciated. pcconfig.nfo pcconfig.nfo