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  1. i moved my pc downstairs so it can run cooler, but I dont have a wifi card, I found out that I can "share wifi" over ethernet, but this gives me the error, "Connect, no internet" please I spent all of my money on pc parts and I cant afford a new wifi card yet.
  2. i know but is minecraft slow because of my old gpu?
  3. So I have this old Dell Dimension E520, and I ordered parts for it, the gpu hasn't come yet (GT 1030) but the Core 2 Quad Q6600 came and 8 gb of ram came, the game ran worse than when it was on Windows XP (im now running windows 7 ultimate) and when I opened HWMonitor it said I was using 99% gpu, but the cpu only like 30% is it possible that im being bottlenecked by the graphics card? (Nvidia Geforce 7300 LE)
  4. sorry for not following up, but I fixed it by plugging the headphones into the back of the computer.
  5. Yes, i've already tested the headphones with another device. So I have this pc, and I have connected the headphones to it, its picking up noise from my mic and it says that my headphones should be hearing sound, but I don't. Is there a fix? I am running Windows 7 Ultimate
  6. So I dropped an old pc and the graphics card popped out. The main operating system (Ubuntu 32 Bit) looks fine, but I launched Minecraft, which before was getting 60 fps on Windows XP, is now getting 10 and there is really weird screen graphical glitches. I can't show any pictures right now, but I just want to know if it would be a problem with the slot or the graphics card (a really old Geforce 7300 LE) I have not installed any drivers.
  7. so i looked at the thing, theres more than one slot the current graphics card cant fit into the other ones, so if I were to hook it on there with a pcie riser, could I get it to fit?
  8. i just need to know if the case is only single slot
  9. So I don't plan on doing intense gaming and I was wondering if the Gigabyte RX 550 will fit in my pc. The card looks like this: https://www.google.com/search?q=gigabyte+rx+550&rlz=1C1CHBF_enUS910US910&sxsrf=ALeKk038D4rePoPihfYUpZNbbdP6w3nf1g:1597080327683&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjOxe_sk5HrAhXUPH0KHb9yChYQ_AUoAnoECA0QBA&biw=1366&bih=657#imgrc=wfDuZBKriYW1uM My motherboard, case, and current graphics card looks like this:
  10. Im looking at an RX 550, the backplate has a fan, and its taller than the old graphics card, will this be fine?
  11. okay, i was only planning on Minecraft, Portal 2 (and og portal), maybe some LoL and Dota 2, tf2, and rocket league, achievable with my current plan?
  12. so would going through with this end up with really slow performance? even though I am adding a decent card and core 2 quad with 8 gb of ram? I only need it for 2 years
  13. would an RX 460 work in this situation? I would be using a Core 2 Quad Q6600.