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  1. I currently have an LG D2342 24" inch monitor. Last week I ordered a new PC to replace my old one, which has an RTX 2080 Super. As such, I am trying to find a suitable replacement monitor with more features to match my new build. Now, the screen quality of the D2342 is good, I got it for the 3D at the time, but always noticed with fast movement there is screen tear, even with v-sync on. I play a lot of FPS games (mostly single player) As such, I want a new monitor that is smooth, has good colour depth and g-sync compatible (preferably g-sync ultimate). I can only fit a 24" in my desk cabinet, which does restrict me unfortunately. I have seen you can get 4k/UHD monitors at 24", but I am thinking this would be overkill. I'd want a step up from HD, so perhaps just 2K/QHD. I have tried searching online, but any list tends to have only a few 24" ones, and if they do they tend to be 1080P /HD, which is what I already have. Is there a good 24", QHD monitor with g-Sync for under £500 please? Any recommendations would be much appreciated, thank you