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  1. Thank u so much for ur help! i will consider this but it seems some of the item is hard to find and the price didnt quite match up. But thank u for the help!
  2. I haven't check in depth yet since i don't really understand all the parts but the most popular here and decent price is the i5 9400f, amd ryzen 5 3600 and if u want to check out yourself the website called tokopedia and shopee where most of the stuff i will buy it from there and the most rated place to build pc rn in my city is enter komputer they also have a simulation for building pc.
  3. alright ill keep that in mind thanks
  4. Also thank u guys for answering and helping me!
  5. Thank u so much, ill be looking foward to it.
  6. I guess i could try instead of being curious till i die lol. Yes more or less. What do you think the best build for my current needs? thank u so much for your help btw.
  7. alright ill try asking for a better replacement thank u!
  8. What is your reasoning for that if i may know?
  9. So should i ask the seller to make the drive like 1 tb? and how bout the ssd? i dont play many games only like 2 or 3 games.
  10. Mainly editing and multi tasking like opening multiple tabs on chrome and running zoom or microsoft teams. And i would like to enjoy playing like r6 atleast 60 fps in med - high settings. I can't build since i never tried but if i can atleast ask the seller to change or replace some parts.
  11. the spec is: *Processor Core i5-9400F Generation 9 2.9Ghz Up to 4.1Ghz 9Mb *Mobo Asrock H310CM HDV *Ram Team elite 16GB DDR4 2666Mhz (2x8GB) *VGA Colorful Nvidia GTX1660 6GB DDR5 Dualfan *SSD Midas force 120Gb Sata 6gb/s *HDD Seagate 500GB Sata *PSU Infinity RGB 500WATT 80+ Bronze *Casing Paradox dragon slayer *Bonus Fan 3X RGB I would like to know if this a good prebuild pc or not? What should i change or replace? Here in indonesia i can't find other good prebuild pc with my max budget of 650$ Thank you for your help.