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  1. So I recently built a new PC and now playing Fortnite I have really bad screen tearing. I've tried everything I can think of within the Nvidia Panel, in game settings, and the Monitor UI. I never had this problem with my older PC. My current build is Ryzen 3600, Gtx 1660 ti. My old build was a i7 3770, Gtx 1650. I'm using a 144hz Sceptre Monitor that has freesync availability. My current build has significantly steadier Frames than my old one did but I NEVER saw screen tearing until now. I've updated my drivers, tried both display port and hdmi (on both the 144hz and 120hz inputs on my monitor) I've tried every Vsync option in the nvidia panel, tried freesync off/on in the monitor, overdrive off/on in the monitor. I just don't get it. I dont kniw what else to do. Im about to just hook my old build up because Im stumped.. can someone please help me.... I feel like I spent all this money just to have an far worse experience. Edit: using an MSI Tomahawk Mag B550 now My old motherboard was some super old random motherboard that was taken out of an old HP Compaq or something like that i don't even know what it was. It was ancient.