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  1. Yeah I will give it a shot. Thanks for the suggestion.
  2. Ahh.. yeah true that. Thanks for all your help. Truly did help
  3. Alright cool thanks for the help. I guess I was panicking a bit. Thanks a lot
  4. Yeah I am getting similar numbers. Just the benchmarking websites show arnd 15-20 % more fps then m getting that just got me worried a little.
  5. Yes I have made changes in the bios regarding ram. Will try and benchmark cpu and gpu first thing tomorrow morning. But as stated above while playing odyssey the gpu goes upto 96 % usage and cpu is at 50%
  6. Yeah sure will do so. Sorry m new to the forums. And yes I did that. When I play Assassin creed odyssey my gpu usage is around 96% and cpu is around 50%. So I guess gpu is bottlenecking
  7. Okay will try it out first thing tomorrow. Thank a lot for your reply will keep you posted
  8. Hello Hope you all of you are doing fine in this testing times. I would like some guidance on my graphic card. I just got a new custom pc build for me. Here are my specs. CPU : Ryzen7 - 3700X upto 4.40 Ghz CPU-Cooler : CM - Master Liquid ML240P Mirage Motherboard : Gigabyte - B450 Aorus Elite Graphics-Card : RTX2080 Super 8GB - Gigabyte-Windforce SSD : Samsung - 500 GB (970 EVO PLUS) M.2 NVME HDD : Seagate - Barracuda 1TB RAM : 8x2 - Corsair Veng 16GB 3000 SMPS : Thermaltake - BX1 750W RGB Case : CM - MB511 RGB Wifi-Card : TPLink - TLWN881ND Problem is I am getting low fps on my games. I run all my games on a 1080 p monitor. Assasin creed odyssey : high setting 100 fps, ultra avg 72 fps Dota 2 ultra: 138 fps Far cry 5 ultra 80 fps The benchmark numbers on various website show a lot more. Am I just being paranoid ? Or does there seem to a issue ? The temps stay at 80 deg after long gaming setion. Thank you so much for the help