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  1. Ok so I have fixed it. Something completely screwed either my M.2 drive or the windows install on it. Even after re-installing windows/repairing it on my old drive, I kept getting the same problems. It was breaking my drivers/driver installs because every time I would try to do anything that had to do with drivers, my computer would get messed up again. Since then, I have installed a completely fresh install of Windows on my old SSD, and everything is working perfectly fine. My boot time is now around 10-15 seconds instead of 10-15 minutes, I am not stuttering anymore, and I am able to install/uninstall things like normal.
  2. So I ran a different memory test and windows now says that my memory is fine, but my computer is getting even worse audio/video stutters. Would a windows reset help? Also I have noticed that “system interrupts” is at 80-100% CPU usage when opening task manager but it quickly goes away. another update: just got a BSOD saying “Driver Power State Failure”. So it is a problem with drivers? update again: I installed some AMD drivers which seems to very much helped the stutters but my computer is still slow. In overwatch, the game says I am getting 200-250 FPS but it feels like I am getting 30. I made sure it wasn’t a vsync problem. I then tried opening Escape from Tarkov to see if I had similar issues, but upon attempting to open the game, I got met with a BSOD saying “Page Fault In Nonpaged Area”.
  3. I can’t find hardware acceleration in windows, I don’t think I have it. The one in chrome is off.
  4. Specs: Ryzen 5 3600 GTX 1070ti 32gb (4x8) Corsair Vengeance LPX C15 3000mhz ASRock B450 Steel legend WD Blue SN550 nvme (Windows install) 240gb Kingston savage 1tb toshiba drive, 4tb toshiba drive So yesterday I hopped on my PC after doing some slight overclocking the night before (boosted CPU to 4.3 from the 4.2 boost clock using an autoclock, boosted GPU +70 core and +100 memory which was a stable clock that I had used before, and enabled XMP on my ram as I didn’t realize it was off and previously just had it clocked to 3000 MHz), and about 20 minutes into playing some games my PC blue screened. I decided I should just revert the clocks for now as I didn’t exactly have performance issues before, I was just trying to squeeze out a bit extra. Well, I booted up my PC after that and it was getting major video/audio stutters, so I ran the Windows Memory Test after doing some searching and it did say my memory was bad. I then tested each ram stick alone in each slot, and I would still get the exact same video/audio stutters. I was wondering if this could actually be a CPU or motherboard problem, (or even something else), as I don’t want to spend 200$ on new ram just to find out that it doesn’t fix anything. I’ve tried updating all of my drivers so I don’t think that is the problem, but at the same time every issue I’ve run across seems like it’s either caused by bad ram or bad drivers. I should mention; the CPU and motherboard are fairly new, about 6 months old. 2 of the ram sticks are 1 year old and 2 of them are 3 years old. I’ve had no issues at all with them before this though.