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  1. Yeah, I did that with DisplayPort, got no input. I think I’ll probably try borrowing a psu to see if it is the gpu or psu. I don’t really know what else to do. Can’t benchmark or check anything really.
  2. I’ve also noticed something that might help, my monitor has been taking so long to turn on to windows, pc stays running with a black screen for about 20 sec before receiving input.
  3. I tried integrated graphics but not really sure how it worked so got no input, changed back to the gpu, turned it on, and less than 10 seconds into windows, the screen went black. Could this be the psu not giving enough power to the gpu? Could this be the gpu being faulty? I’m so confused now, maybe my best bet is to borrow a psu knowing I won’t even last 10 seconds in windows.
  4. They’re on the pcpartpicker link, I’m not too sure about the exact model but the psu is an Nzxt E650 and the gpu is a Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1080 ti Gaming OC 11GB, It’s white and it has a three fan body
  5. Sorry, when I said shut off, I meant screen went black without signal again. There was no sound when the screen went dark. Yeah getting a psu to test it sounds reasonable, could I try using integrated graphics to see if something like this happens, knowing the screen went dark even out of game? Could it help to see if it’s a gpu or psu issue? Thanks!
  6. I bought a gtx 1080 ti about a year ago and it already has stopped working. I’m pretty new to pc building, but this has been very heartbreaking for me. For a while I’ve noticed problems with my PC build like fps lagging after long gaming sessions, games crashing, and more but these rarely happened so I thought I just had to change some configurations and update some drivers. It was until yesterday, that my computer worked fine; I was playing some games and after 20 minutes of playtime, my monitor suddenly stopped receiving output from the gpu and the screen went dark. It said there was no signal going into the monitor, but the computer was still on, running like it would normally do. My only choice was to shut off the PC from outside and try to turn it back on, as nothing else would work. After this, the computer turned back on and it seemed to work fine, I thought it was just a power outage since these happen very frequently where I live, and got back into a game. Around 10 minutes of playtime, it shut off again, this time the gpu fans ramped up to 100% or even more, judging by how loud they sounded, and stood like this until I shut my PC off.I reset my computer again, to try to see if it was the game or my PC but after trying another game with demanding graphics, it chrashed right back to the black screen, no signal. I’ve tried many things to fix it, first on software; I did a clean install of the newest nvidia drivers, I checked for corrupt files and fixed them using the command prompt, I checked for malware and viruses, but to no avail. The games still crashed after some gameplay time, sometimes even lasting as little as 20 seconds in the menu screen. Then, I checked my hardware; I ensured the 6+2 and 6 pin connectors were correctly latched into the gpu and to the psu, and even tried using two pci-e cables for each 6+2 connection, thinking it could be power related and since TI cards are very power consuming, it maybe wasn’t receiving enough. I tried cleaning dust off the PCB and the psu, and changing the connections from a multi socket, directly into the wall, but nothing seemed to work. I’ve noticed many things about this issue over time; some times while using windows, a white led on the 1080 ti’s PCB will start ti flash (led 2). I googled it and what I understood is that this is related to an abnormal power flow. This problem will happen too, right after opening a game (I’m guessing since the graphics get more demanding, the gpu asks for more voltage, one that may be flowing abnormally) and after some time, back to the black screen. I tried to contact the gpu’s seller, but warranty has expired, and I’m not sure where I can send it to fix it, or even sell it for some money. I won’t take this decision not knowing if it is a problem of the psu, gpu, or its connection to the apartment’s power, and not having it pass through a voltage regulator / surge protector. A few hours ago, I was using windows as usual, watching some videos, doing some work and it shut off again, this time with the loud gpu fan sound (it sometimes happens, sometimes doesn’t), so I really just don’t know how to fix this issue or diagnose it to know if I have to change / fix the psu, gpu, or just plug the main PC power into a voltage regulator. Thanks in advance for all of your guy’s help. I’ve gotten many troubleshooting issues fixed and hope this one can be fixed too. The specs are listed below. —————————————- https://pcpartpicker.com/user/TowersFlowers/saved/9KDDcf CPU: Intel Core i7 8700k GPU: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1080 Ti MOBO: NZXT Z370 AIO: Corsair Hydro h100i Platinum SE CASE: NZXT h500i PSU: NZXT E650 MEMORY: 4x8Gb DDR4 3200mHz Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro STORAGE: Samsung 960 EVO 1TB Nvme m.2 Ssd If I forgot anything, the pcpartpicker link is above.