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  1. I believe it has windows server 2004. It company who handles our email and website it was pretty much trash ( however most of the time they say one thing and i discover something else) As far as budget were in the ballpark of 15,000 - 20,000. I wasn't really expecting to be able to repurposed the machine except for the case. I was hoping to be able to but pretty sure its to old. i bought an Alienware 17R5 from dell and im very disappointed with the product as well as the service and ive had some pretty bad experiences with dell. Id rather build the machine as apposed to buying direct and re-routing the savings to hardware. I usually get my parts from Micro center in Tustin. However for servers im not sure what parts to get. For example, can i just make a machine with high cores and 3.0 clock and just load windows server? Or dose it have to be a dedicated server board and processor..
  2. We got a small office with 4/5 people. We had a server couple years ago and it died and since then we just switched to a network drive shares ( since everyone is in house). Now were getting more busy and we would like to go back to the server for that reason as well as the ability to have other people remote in. We primarily would like to be able to host our own emails agian as well as our website. what would be the best route? Pulling our old one out and upgrading componests? Get a used machine Build a new one.
  3. What i did was my main machine is pretty beefy so i added 128 gb of ram and host the server there in the background. I have like 16 allocated for the server. Right now im running project ozone 3 on kappa mode. There is an option to download the server files you click run. Accept the WAYLA and run again. And of course you have to port forward to your machine.90% of the time server files can be found by just googling the pack name and adding server. If your making a custom server or cant find the server files you have to make the server files yourself. I haven't figured out how to do it ( then again the servers for my mudpacks are always there) There are a bunch of video and forums and from what i understand its very easy and straight forward. Out of curiosity what pack are you running?
  4. We are a small business that had a server about 5 years ago. It ran into issues which out service recommended to retire it and get a new one or go to a peer to peer set-up. We decided on a peer to peer because we downsized and moved into a home office.We have 6 drives locations that we access across the network. P: I: J: L: H: F: P: is our personal files pictures school documents ex. When we migrated to the peer to peer all 6 locations were working fine on computer "A" . That set up was working fine however the issue that has occurred is computer "A" is my main desktop\ office workhorse. While we are creating plans in our BIM based program i export it to a rendering software to create 3D walkthrough which the i tweak stills in Photoshop and walkthroughs in premiere. With all those task that have to be done the machine gets significantly slowed down even after some upgrades. we decided to move the drives over to a different machine "B". I have only been able to establish network drive P: from computer "A" and no other computer. The only way to access files is to go to file explorer under network I open computer "B" and see all 6 file locations. At this point were not sure what direction we should head in. We want to eventually get back into a server to be able to host our own emails and website.Or should we try to figure out what was wrong with our old server and repair it or should we continue with out current setup.