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  1. True. I ordered mine in L yesterday. Thanks again
  2. Alright, thank you I'm still pretty confused about this size chart though
  3. Hey guys, I want to order one of these awesome stealth hoodies but I could need some advice on which size to choose. When I compare the size chart of H&M to the sizing table of the hoodie, it seems like the hoodie would be way too big für me. Even in small. H&M: Stealth hoodie: When I calculate the hoodie's sizes (for S) from inch to cm, I get 104,14 cm for the chest (L at H&M) and 66,04cm as length (XL-2XL at H&M) o0 Do the hoodies tend to be smaller than indicated? I usually wear M and am a bit worried about ordering a too small hoodie with S, but when I look at the size chart, S already seems too big for me. That confuses me a lot and I'd appreciate some advice. Btw, I am about 1.9 m tall and quite thin for my size. Normally H&M's S fits pretty well around the chest, but has too short sleeves, so I choose M more often.