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  1. Hello! My name is Todd, I am thinking of purchasing a gaming Pc. It is a custom built it's 475 - 500 the specs are: Intel i5 2320 8gb ram B75 chipset NVIDIA GeForce 750Ti And 500gb storage Do you think it's worth it and or good, it seems ok but I'm new to learning about computers Please let me know! - Todd
  2. Games is really just csgo and verdun, I was able to run both games at low graphics on my last PC and budget is whatever money I can get
  3. Well my budget is whatever money I can get my hands on so I good cheapish one could be ok
  4. It says it has that exact amount so I might upgrade
  5. I honestly don't know, I know it was a Compaq and it had vista on it
  6. It deleted system32 also it's a old laptop so there is no point
  7. Hello! My name is Todd, My laptop recently got a virus, so I have been searching for a cheap Desktop. While looking on Amazon I saw a refurbished Dell Optiplex 7040, and was hoping to buy it, but I was wondering if it was, gameable? I will only really be using it for a bit of gaming ( just games like csgo and verdun that's about all I play ) some coding and editing, would this be possible? Kind regards - Todd :)