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  1. Not yet. Im probably going to do that today because it seems there's not other solution.
  2. So i have a problem. i upgraded cpu in my pc from some old pentium to intel core i5 4440 because there was a huge gpu bottleneck. I runned battlefield 1 and performance is still same. With Watch Dogs 2 too, with pentium i cant even start it because i read that its not running on a 2 core cpu and after upgrade i cant play it because im still getting black screen on startup and this should not happen because that i5 is a 4 core. I tryied to update gpu and cpu drivers but they have newest drivers. I know there is still some bottleneck with i5 but it should be around 10% only. I looked up on youtube and nobody who tested it had any problems and games were running fine. I cannot bought any new cpu because i bought this on budget and now my money are tight. So i need some solution because this should not happen. My pc: Gpu - rx 580 4gb Cpu - intel core i5 4440 Ram - 8gb 1333mhz