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  1. I do not have a brand preference, I just liked the look of the Extreme4 board. From what I saw in Gamer's Nexus' best B550 motherboards video, the Steel Legend was one of the better B550 options, and the two are essentially the same board, minus the aesthetics.
  2. I currently have a Corsair 16GB kit, 3000Mhz sku CMW16GX4M2C3000C15. Looking at some of the AsRock B550 motherboards, specifically the Steel Legend and Extreme 4, I see their Memory QVL list is incredibly small compared to other manufacturers, and my memory is not listed. Is there any way of knowing for sure that memory will be supported other than the QVL list? I would hate to buy a motherboard and be forced to get new memory since the motherboard cannot be returned once opened. Thanks!
  3. For the P400a, I understand there is a RGB controller built into the top/front of the case, running off SATA power. I will not have the ability to connect to it until I lose all my hard drives for a M.2 drive later this year. Is this going to be a problem running the computer in the meantime? I'm assuming no since it sounds like the SATA connection is separate from all the other front panel connectors.
  4. I am keeping a close eye on the upcoming GPU market, especially the RTX 3060/3070 and the AMD counterparts. I currently have an EVGA 1070 ti Ultra Silent, two generations old later this year. When I look at various marketplaces online, I typically see 1070 ti's for anywhere between $200 and $300 today. What typically happens to that market the moment the next generation of graphics cards arrvies? I'm relatively new to PC gaming, so don't have experiencing selling my GPU before. Would it be better to sell now, and just play some PS4 games till the card I want comes out? Thanks!!