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  1. ok thanks for your help where would i go about looking for this because i cant specifically find one for under 300$
  2. ok thanks was just wondering for the type of ethical hacking type of use any laptops you would recomend?
  3. Alright i just dont know exactly what kind of laptop would be good for this kinda stuff Any recommendations on brands?
  4. What specs would you recommend on a laptop then to specifically run kali.
  5. ok I knew this i was just wondering if you guys knew any laptops that i could get for relatively cheap?
  6. Hello everyone, I have recently gotten interested into coding and that of programming. So through this I wish to get a laptop with Kali Linux, and I know that an I5 and 8 GB of ram is most likely necessary. I was just wondering if anyone knew a laptop that is under 300 dollars and has either of these specs or is able to be upgraded to these specs for not much money. Thank you for any help!