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  1. Thanks guys, ill give these suggestions a try later. The reason I was worried is I checked the amd site for the max temp of this cpu and it states 105c, mine reached 106c on a couple occasions and even 109c at one point, when i was only watching a twitch stream.
  2. Yup. On battery power frequencies are around 1400mhz on all cores and voltage is around 0.7. When plugged in some cores fluctuate and go as high as 4200mhz, the voltage also reaches 1.3+ volts.
  3. I've got core temp running, and the numbers i posted are what it is showing for cpu temp.
  4. Just tried plugging in and setting the power plan to 'best battery' and it still gets hot, as soon as the charger is plugged in the cpu temps start creeping up almost instantly.
  5. Hi, New here but having an issue with my new laptop. I got a 2020 model of the 13inch hp envy x360. This has the ryzen 7 4700u in it. Im having an issue with the CPU getting extremely hot while the laptop is plugged in/charging. On battery power, the cpu temps are sitting between 47c - 55c while im watching a Twitch stream and browsing the web (approx 15 tabs open in chrome) As soon as I plug in the charger the cpu temps shoot up massively and sits at around 90c doing the same tasks. On a couple occasions it even hit 106c. Any ideas on how to stop my cpu melting while the laptop is charging?