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  1. @Aereldor, TofuHaroto Ty very much for this...My friend had the memories, in their wrong slots, side by side...So he switched them now. Now we have to solve another mystery why his ssd Disks show SATA 2 while his MB has only 6 SATA3 Slots...
  2. I Would like your help and your input please for buying a combatible memory stick for the pc. More specifically I want to gift to a friend who lives far from me 2 memory Ram Sticks for his pc. I would like your help about which specific product I should buy, and to provide links for me. My friend has the motherboard model B360M DS3H and current memory layout 2 memory sticks of 4GB Ram Each, running at 1200mhz each, (2400 total) 15-15-15-30 (cycles) and as you an see from the pictures below, they strangely run at single channel, using 2 out of 4 slots which made me wonder. I want to gift to my friend additional 8B ram of sticks preferably 2x4. or 1 single of 8gb. The single channel layout confused me a bit, and I dont know which rams are compatible with his pc. Please suggest if you like some links that ensures compatibility of the RAM. Ty