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  1. hi there, the problem just occured again, and here are the screens, itll probably be gone by tomorrow but who knows! fps is around 20 when it should be 60 with v-sync, since my monitor is only 60hz
  2. hi there, when i started playing today for the tests, it was all fine to what i used to play as, but it might come back later. I have screenshots of how it used to run, so ill send them here, as for my components : It is a Lenovo ideapad L340. processor is i5-9300HF (consists of 4 cores) and a clockspeed of 2,4GHZ with a max of 4,1 GHZ.it has 8 gigs of ram, with a max of 16. (1 ram slot). it has an ssd with 128 gb, and a hdd of 1000GB. graphics card is a GTX1050 with 3072MB. i do not know what you mean by plugging my HSMI into my gpu, maybe you can explain later? my screenshots are here, i played three types of games, one thats easy to run(persona 4 golden on max settings, around 80 fps), one thats difficult to run(risk of rain 2 on max settings, 60 fps)), and overwatch which is pretty difficult to run(high settings, around 60-70 fps). like i said i only have screenshots of it when it runs decently, and not when the problem occrus, when it does occur again ill make some more screenshots(excuse the other screen btw in the screenshot, i dont know how to remove it when i take one)
  3. Sure, I'll do all of that tomorrow, and I'll post it here as soon as possible, thanks.
  4. so for some reason, after playing risk of rain 2, while literally doing NOTHING in the settings, game frames drop, in all games that i play. games on both ssd and hdd, meanwhile my pc is pretty decent. (I5 9th gen, 1GTX050 and 8gb ram) doesnt matter how much i lower the graphics, even though it shouldnt even be needed since i can play everything on max graphics and still get 80 frames, and now it runs at 15-30. i tried edditting some values in the regedit thing, and it helped, but two days later the same thing happened and now it wont work. its not the overheating problem either, since the day after when my temperature was fine, it still had bad frames. anyone knows what the problem is and what i can do about it? thanks in advance.