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  1. Ok thanks i always use the back panel for audio and also usb, but i am still looking for a answer for my issue
  2. I am using the rear audio jack on the mobo and not the front i have tried that too but the sound is more noisy
  3. I have done everything my friend updated the audio drivers, windows update, bios update and every updates
  4. I have a gaming pc with different assembled parts my specs- Ryzen 7 3600x 8Gb ddr4 ram 3200mhz x 2 Radeon 5700xt msi mech oc edition Motherboard msi tomahawk b450 Psu cooler master 650w Ssd samsung evo 1tb Thermaltake h200 cabinet My issue here is that my system is only 5 months old and some time back i am facing an issue of getting a cracking sound from my headphones while i am playing apex legends or any other game like siege or hitman 2. I initially used to get a cracking sound from my headphones - razer kraken x ultralight - and my system used to freeze and then i had to restart manually. I then opened my cabinet and cleaned for any dust and now its pretty clean. Yet i get the noise through my headphones but the system does not freeze but the sound gets a bit louder this only happens only while gaming. I really can't understand if the psu has gone faulty and needs to be replaced. Any tips please help required