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  1. I should clarify, this laptop has dual graphics. And basically every dual graphics laptop needs it's own, proprietary driver
  2. Basically, when I try to install Windows on the laptop it fails and gets stuck in a boot loop. It works only if I first install it on a different PC and then just move the SSD to the laptop. This only works with Windows 10 since it can adapt to changes in hardware. The problem is that the latest GPU drivers for that laptop are for Windows 7 which commits suicide when you change hardware. I could technically use Windows 8 (I think it can adapt as well, correct me if I'm wrong, but I really don't want to use it). So, the question is, how do I install Windows 7 on a different PC so that I can then use it on my laptop. I don't really think that this will help but it's a Samsung NP700Z5A-S01AT with an i7, HD 6750M, 8GB DDR3 and 240GB SSD.
  3. For me the ''MX Browns'' are too 'clicky' (I don't know what causes it) I'm already very used to the low sound of rubber domes and it has grown on me . However I really love how the mechanical switches feel. For me it wouldn't really be a problem to get used to the sound but I live with 2 roommates and ideally I wouldn't want to bother them too much. Reds are linear, I'm looking for tactile/silent (if they even exist).
  4. Is there any mechanical key switch that feels great (Cherry MX Brown for example) and that sounds like rubber domes or is silent? I should point out that I never had any mechanical keyboard. The only one that I ever had my hands was some Razer keyboard with MX Browns that my friend has. It feels really good but I just really hate the sound it makes. From the little information I know is that I don't want clicky or linear switches. Tactile, silent is ideal. Any answer would be very much appreciated.