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  1. Hi! Doing my first rgb PC build and im finding rgb setup is quite a pain I got a Gigabyte B365 M AORUS Elite mobo and three coolermaster MF120R fans (seperately, not bundled with a controller) I did this forgetting how much hardware brands like to create their own standards to make our lives complicated :( So now im sitting with three fans with aRGB connecters (three pin, blank between the 2nd and 3rd), and a motherboard with VGD (for 'digital led' apparently, three pin) and RGB (4 pin) headers What the hell is this connector? All the fans ive seen with any kind of fancy lighting effects seem to be argb? I seem to have made a big whoopsie, is this right? What would the best way forward be? Is there a workaround, or will i just have to settle for standard rgb / get a controller and control them with that? Still looking forward to the build part, and id probably end up just finding a colour I like and leaving it there anyway But goddam, what a boner-killer