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  1. I currently have Electricity Subsidy from government, and Electricity Cost is not a problem, in China Selected Small Business is Get Electricity Subsidy From Government Because Covid19 Pandemic, is that still worth it in my case ?, and i have a lots of Used GPU
  2. Is Use 8x RX 580 For BTC Mining Is Worth It ? or AntMiner S9j is better ?
  3. What's should GPU I choose for deep learning using tensorflow, RTX 2070 S, or GTX 1080 TI ?, that price is almost same
  4. Is someone know what motherboard that Linus used in Linus $100,000 PC For 6 Editors ?, model ?, series ?, manufacture ?
  5. Is i can use Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO with all 16 DIMM RAM slots in Asus Z10PE D16 WS ?, and it is Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO is enough to cooling down Xeon E5-2699v4 ?
  6. Thanks for your advice, btw... how I can know if a PSU is DC-DC regulated ?
  7. Ok, but my question is substance is NOT same, one is asking for use two PSU in one motherboard and one another is asking for use two PSU system with difference PSU model and watt, and there is in difference PC build
  8. Ok, but what's the purpose of these adapter existed ? https://uk.thermaltake.com/dual-psu-24pin-adapter-cable.html
  9. And it is safe to use HDD with two power sources ?, i use RAID controller for my HDD is connected to primary PSU but HDD power is connected to secondary PSU i was tested in 48 hours and safe, but i am not sure with long term use
  10. I need four GPUs And my system is 2x xeon e5 with use 290w, and that motherboard use 150w @BobVonBob
  11. I was used 4x tesla k80 with dual rm 750, but not sure for use rm 850 with seasonic prime 1300 in another builds
  12. Can, i was used dual psu many times, but with same watt and 80+ ratings, also same brand
  13. Is 24 Pin Splitter for dual PSU dangerous ? Is connect this 24 Pin Splitter to my motherboard is dangerous ? And it is safe to use difference PSU for dual PSU ?, 850w with 1300w