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  1. Aww i guess i just have to upgade my rmemory and gpu as well. Thank you sir for the info.
  2. Theres nothing wrong with my board i just wantto save my cpu and upgrade all my stuff
  3. Theres nothing wrong with my board i just wantto save my cpu and upgrade all my stuff
  4. I got Intelcore i5 4670, 4gb ddr3 ram with i think graphics card of amd 7000 serries? I forgot but im just oncern on upgradingmy mobo into ddr4 dimms thathcan supportmy cpu.
  5. I guess i have hope on saving my cpu from ddr3 to ddr4 dimms also i have to upgrade my mobo aswell any suggestion sir for intel i5 4670 mobo supported?
  6. What if i chnge my mobo into a level up thing then its thesame dimms will that maybework? Core i5 4670 upgraded mobo ddr3 will it be posible?
  7. So it means even ichange my mobo into ddr4 dimms my cpu will not work?
  8. I know the motherboards a d ram compatibilitybut im asking if theres any issue about changing cpu ram compatibility?
  9. I want to know if is it okey if i change my ram from ddr3 to ddr4 with same cpu? Is there any compatibility between ram and cpu not mentioning motheboard? Example: Im using Intel core i5 4670,4gb ddr3 ram and ddr3 motherboardcompatible inthe other hand i want to change my ram and motherboard to ddr4 ram compatible. Is thereany issue between cpu and ram compatibility?
  10. When does Linus do Giveaways?


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Grumpy Old Man

      Grumpy Old Man

      Halloween 🎃

    3. Tech_Dreamer


      man, remember those kids coming back for the phones linus tried to give away which they chose over the candy they first took.

    4. ReyMart Eyeless

      ReyMart Eyeless

      Well i guess i just wish for it😊

  11. I guess my budget of $300 only can get a graphics card? OMG!