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  1. I have an AMD Ryzen 5 3600, and when I removed it from its socket, I noticed that there was one pin bent. Will this cause the CPU to not work? Should I try to bend it back?
  2. I'm actually doing the inverse- I've just sent a friend the card, and he'll test it in his system. If it works, I'll know something else is at fault. If it doesn't, it'll almost certainly be the GPU.
  3. Could you possibly send a link to said cheap graphics cards that would be compatible with my system? Thanks.
  4. Got it, thanks. If the cheap GPU doesn't work, and I still have the same problem, would you say the CPU is the issue, and i would just need to replace the CPU?
  5. Got it, thanks. If the cheap GPU doesn't work, and I still have the same problem, would you say the CPU is the issue, and i would just need to replace the CPU?
  6. I have one SATA SSD and one SATA HDD. The SSD is the boot drive. I'll try to boot with both of them disconnected.
  7. I do have an old iGPU, but unfortunately it is an Intel chip and I have an AMD board. I have not tried booting with a single stick, as well as disconnecting storage devices. I'll try both of those tomorrow. Should I leave the boot drive in, or take both drives out?
  8. I do not have a spare GPU. The cooler that I am using is an aftermarket air cooler, an Enermax ETS-T40 Fit
  9. Yesterday, I was doing light tasks on my newly built PC, (specs below) when it suddenly shut down. I turned it back on, and there were two significant issues that I noticed- first, that there was no display. Second, the GPU fans were spinning ridiculously fast, as loud as a room fan. I then shut it down a second time, hoping when I booted it again, it would work. This time, all the fans were spinning at their usual speeds, but still with no signal to the monitor. The fans still spin, and the lights are still on, but there is no display at all. Just a monitor displaying "No signal." I am fairly certain that this is not a PSU or motherboard issue, given that the fans and lights were on, and the motherboard strip was lit up. Therefore, it must be a CPU or GPU issue, right? Any help on this would be very, very appreciated. Things I have tried: - Testing the monitor with another PC. It worked perfectly fine - Using a different cable. I tried both an HDMI cable on the GPU, and an HDMI cable on the built- in motherboard display ports. I also tried the two other DisplayPort ports on the GPU. - Rebuilding the PC, in the hopes it was just a loose cable. I have done this twice, and have been met with the same result. - Reseating the RAM. I have also tried this twice, to no avail. - Checking the PCIE_x16 connection and the PCI PSU cable connection. I have done this multiple times, with no change in the display. System Specs: CPU- Ryzen 5 3600 GPU- ASRock Radeon RX 570 Phantom Gaming 4 GB Motherboard- Gigabyte B450M DS3H RAM- 16 GB (2 x 8) T-Force Vulcan Z 3200 mHZ Cl16 Operating System- Windows 10 64- Bit Home Unregistered, latest update Again, any help, diagnostic, or solution, would be greatly aprecciated. Thanks!