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  1. No, but everything other than the gpu is running the cpu and the psu is running only the gpu after i launch the witcher 3 just completely dead
  2. I Just bought an used Rx 470 and its perfectly fine the fan is spinning and it has a display on the monitor and then i update the driver and launch the witcher 3 but then suddenly the gpu just die and my screen turn to black after i booted the computer again the gpu is not even working the fan is not spinning and there is no display on the monitor. So i use an onboard graphic. So is it the gpu, the motherboard, or the psu? Sorry if my english is bad
  3. Oke Thank you for all the suggestion
  4. any other thermal paste suggestion? in my country it cost like 30$
  5. i tried to remove the side panel and it does lower my gpu temp by 5-7 celcius now my gpu is running at 80 celcius.
  6. I'm running at 80% fan speed. I have not tried to remove my side panel. Let me try it for a moment
  7. I have rx 470 that running more than 85 celcius when gaming, how can I lower my gpu temp? should I replace the thermal paste? Any suggestion what thermal paste should I use?
  8. I already contacted the seller and he willing to gave me a new motherboard so if it also not turning on I guess the cpu is the main issue here. Thank you by the way
  9. so if i'm try to boot a working motherboard with a dead cpu will it at least turn something on? such as the heatsink fan? or the casing fan?
  10. but based on the problem I listed what do you think is the main problem?
  11. other than the motherboard than the cpu yes.
  12. I recently just built my own pc and I tried to turn it on and nothing happen not even a single fan moving. I assume is the Psu that cause this problem but I tried using a paperclip to test the psu and apparently it works the psu fan is spinning, the casing fan is spinning and even the heatsink fan is also spinning. So is it the motherboard the cpu or the ram that cause this problem. I'm sorry if my English is bad. I'am using ECS H61H2-MV and I5 2500 for the processor
  13. I have EVGA 400w will is it enough for RX 560 4G OC Edition? The Saphire website said it only need 400w Psu. But when it arrived in the box tell me that i need a minimum 500w or greater PSU. So is it enough? I don't plan to overclocking anything