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  1. Fixed it! I ended up fixing it by restoring my computer to a previous version of Windows. Settings > Update & Security > Recovery > Get Starter (under the “Go back to the previous version of Windows 10)
  2. Here’s what it says. Also, there aren’t any nearby Ethernet ports by my PC.
  3. I had tried the first but not the ipv6 one, didn’t end up working but thanks.
  4. Where would I see that? I included everything in the last photo of it
  5. Well, it didn’t work. Unless you have anything else that might work I might just take it somewhere to get it checked out.
  6. Uh a lot of stuff, I’m using my phone since I am unable to post on my PC, is there a specific section you want me to take a photo of and send? Something that I do see though that may have something to do with it is IP routing is not enabled.
  7. I have the issue of my WiFi not having a valid IP configuration and I’ve tried every thing to fix it that I have searched up, are there any non-common things that could fix it? It worked on August 6th but I left on a trip while the computer updated and didn’t come back until the 8th and wasn’t working when I came back. I have tried the following and a few other options: - run the command prompt (refresh, renew ip config) - network reset - uninstalling the wireless network adapter - changing the ipv4 automatic ip to a manual where I entered one found on a website that included steps to fixing this issue
  8. Last question, I think. So I know that SSD is better than HDD in terms of speed so what would I want to put on the SSD and what should I put on the HDD? Is there a video that recommends this stuff?