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  1. But the 3200 is an OC speed. It can be unstable.
  2. Do u think maybe the RAM is too slow? 2400 for ryzen 5 3600 is a bit slow. Dont you think?
  3. Already tried Btw after using XMP my memory stuck on stock 2400MHZ. Maybe I should turn it off?
  4. I can just manually boot into other option and it works.
  5. Ok for some reason optimized defaults fuck up my PC. It boots with windows boot manager. And this boot method is fucked up
  6. Ok so i booted up from something else. And I got my pc back. Now I go bios. Get optimized defaults. Go back to my PC and run a stabilty check to see temps. Then we enable XMP? and then what?.btw thank you so much for ur help
  7. Yep its fucked. Even restore point doesn't work. It was successful. But same issue. Can't even boot to windows
  8. I set a system restore. Its now Restoring the files. I just a fucking stable PC with great performance. Why is so unatable. Litreally I fucked up my pc now
  9. Do i need to reinstall the whole thing? I have important files there
  10. My pc doesn't boot up. Its prepering automatic repair. And then says that it failed and couldn't repair it WTF
  11. After I enabled it my Pc took a long time to start. And now when I put back optimized defaults it now showing that windows didn't start correctly