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  1. /home is like you're user folder in windows. Linux allows you to install the whole system like windows on one HDD. Also you can split it up so if you need to do a re install you can leave you're documents and photoa, things of that nature in touched. A quick google search will show you how to do this at install
  2. When I started I started with Ubuntu, then I moved to mint. Currently I'm in manjaro. Manjaro was at like 0.65 beta release when I started moving from windows. If I could go back I would skip Ubuntu. My experience with Ubuntu is slow clunky and a resource hog. I would start with Manjaro or pop os, I know pop is is built on Ubuntu but system 76 has done a good job at making the system fast and sappy. For me manjaro has installed with everything working out of the box. I can't say the same for Ubuntu. Mint does a good job of that to. Also if you can install with you're /home as its own drive or partition. You will more than likely start disro hoping.
  3. I'm not trying to be pushy about gnome but I haven't had the best luck with Ubuntu and games. oddly enough the best experience i have had with games is Arch Linux. I don't use pure arch because i hop around way to much to take the time to build the whole system from scratch, but when ever i switch to another distro i always find my self gravitating my way back to Manjaro gnome edition. I think its Ubuntu not Gnome. if you get board and have your /home on a different HDD you should give Manjaro a shot. from my experience Pop OS and Manjaro have had the best hardware compatibility out of the box.
  4. Thats fine but the point I was trying to make is I run a R7 2700x 106w TDP cpu in this case and it cools just fine. it will work even better for him since he is running a R5 at a TDP of 65w should have more than enough airflow.
  5. I cant say i have had any bad airflow experiences with this case. I run a R7 2700x and it rarely gets above 65 ish when playing games. Mabe it does have bad airflow but i have had good luck with this case.
  6. I Linked it because when i got mine it was 150 but it is listed as 69.99$ idk if amazon is pulling some marketing shenanigans and is showing a different price but it looks like a worthy deal for that case
  7. https://www.amazon.com/NZXT-H510-Management-Water-Cooling-Construction/dp/B07TC76671/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=pc+case&qid=1595282287&s=electronics&sr=1-1 PC Case i have Its nice
  8. https://www.amazon.com/HyperX-3200MHz-Desktop-Memory-HX432C16FB3K2/dp/B07WCQRVDH/ref=sr_1_9?crid=3LJKKX43GQVSO&dchild=1&keywords=ddr4+16gb+2x8gb+3200mhz&qid=1595282076&s=electronics&sprefix=ddr4+16gb+2x8%2Celectronics%2C206&sr=1-9 Save 2$ and get 200mhz
  9. Also Do a dead port check, If your display supports two HDMI swap the ports also the same on the GPU if it is rocking two HDMI ports. Also try a different cable. BTW... Sick looking rig
  10. Plug the HDMI or the Display cable into the motherboard. Sometimes if you have a CPU with integrated graphics the CPU may take priority over the GPU. I have had what im describing happen to me before. I just went into the Control panel and I had to enable the GPU from the hardware app.
  11. Pop Os: Fast and snappy more so than ubuntu in my experience. Also you have access to all of the ubuntu support forums since Pop is built from of ubuntu. LibreOffice: MS Office KDen or Da Vinci - Adobe Premiere Gimp - Adobe Photo Shop Ink Scape - Adobe Illustrator Man just go for it, Its Linux Some other good distros that are fun to play around with are Manjaro, Mint, Fedora. Check out distrowatch.com they list Distros in popularity. Also if you are a fan of the Look and Feel of MacOS you should try Any one of these distros with Gnome 3 and enable the DashToDock gnome extensions and play around with the settings also if you do go the Gnome route check out gnome-look.org and download a theme. all you need to do to install a theme is extract the theme to the /home/user/.themes Folder. if there isn't a /.themes or a /.icons folder in your home folder you can create them in the file manager. download tweaks form the gnome app store and tweak enjoy tweaking the systems look to your hearts desire. its your computer have fun with it. I have been using linux for 6 years now and i find my self hopping between Manjaro and mint its hard to settle .
  12. If a reinstall is not out of the question you could try this https://askubuntu.com/questions/995747/install-ubuntu-on-the-hard-drive-of-a-2nd-computer-then-move-that-drive-to-a-di They obviously could be problems by installing it on another PC and moving the drive over but it may be you're best bet that I see. Someone else may come by with a better solution that this but its all I can think of at the moment.
  13. I believe if you hold down the left shift key this will display the boot options for grub. Their you can chose safemode. And that would boot the default build of elementary os. Alternatively you can press the exc key after post, otherwise this may bring you to a bios menu rather than a grub menu. Once in elementary open a terminal and enter "sudo systemctl enable lightdm" Let me know if that helps any. I had something similar happen to me on Ubuntu. I believe this should work... Grain of salt.