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  1. when i tried to do any of those it just said E: The package chrome-remote-desktop needs to be reinstalled etc same error
  2. it says "chrome remote desktop needs to be reinstalled, but i cant find an archive of it". this all started when i tried to install chrome remote desktop (using firefox on lubuntu 18). at first i tried gdebi package installer but it was jsut saying "you can only have one package manager open at once" (i had no others open). so i rebooted it and then when i tried it said something about software dependencies being screwed up i think so then i tried to install using lxterminal and that didnt work. now gdebi is useless and every time i try to install/remove anything with terminal it just says "chrome remote desktop needs to be reinstalled, but i cant find an archive of it" what is going on and how can i fix it?
  3. in the bios, the only 2 video options disable the onboard graphics when a dedicated gpu is inserted. Im trying to find out if there is a way to have both enabled. also im using lubuntu not windows
  4. im using lubuntu 18 as host os, is there any reason it shouldnt work?
  5. but when i do lspci it only shows the gtx 750ti and not the intel gma 4500
  6. i was thinking more along the lines of using the integrated gpu for pci passthrough with virtualbox. is there any way to do that?
  7. is there any way i can use both the dedicated gtx 750ti and the onboard graphics at the same time? i know it disables the onboard by default but is there any way to re enable it without removing the 750ti
  8. Whats up with these things? do they work? are they a scam? and if they do work, how? because im pretty sure usb type A doesn't carry a video signal
  9. i have a pc with an msi ms-7641 v3 (760gm-p23(fx)) motherboard and it has a corrupted bios. When i try to recover it with the latest bios, it goes well up until the point where it says its finished and reboots. After it reboots, it shows the bios recovery screen again! i have no idea whats going on. is there any way to fix this or do i need to buy a new motherboard?