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  1. DELL G5 15: Ryzen 5 4600H RX 5600M 8GB RAM HP POWER 15: i5 9300H GTX 1660Ti 16GB RAM which one would you choose for the same price?
  2. For some reason 3200G is cheaper than 2200G here. I think I'll go with 2x4 or single 8 with A320M.
  3. It's for a company's manager or something so they probably won't upgrade it for next 5-6 years. Even for mobo I will go with A320M.
  4. Main goal for Office use and web browsing etc. Probably 0 gaming. i3 9100f + 1GB GT710 for $116, i3 9100 for $116 and $90 for 3200G Which would be the better in terms of performance and pricing? Edit: Another option is Ryzen 3 1200+1GB GT710 for $86 bucks but I think 3200G would be better.