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  1. Hi, thanks! I have 2 4gb sticks. As for the expectations, I am going to use the pc for everyday usa, light cad work and occasional gaming, I'd like it to work for that
  2. Thats exactly what i mean, I was thinking around 200 dollars
  3. Are those compatible with my chipset?
  4. I'm not un the US or Canadá, it's a local brand (i don't think anyone will know ir) but it's quite reliable
  5. Hi, i'm planning on buying used hardware so maybe around 175 to 200 dollars. I've got 2 4gb sticks, i may upgrade un the future. As for the power supply, i'm not un the us ir Canadá, so it's a local brand, not the Best, but quite reliable i'd say
  6. Hi guys, new here! I was just lookin for some tips about hardware. I have an old pc (specs below), and I was thinking of doing some cheap upgrades, mainly swapping the cpu for a better one and installing a gpu. What cheap cpu and gpu would you recommend? Specs of the PC: CPU - Intel Core I3-4170 RAM - 8gb DDR3 Motherboard - MB Gigabyte S1150 H81M-H Power Supply - 600W Storage - 240gb Kingston SSD, 500gb Toshiba HDD