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  1. All right, sorry for the delay. So to sum it up, I got the game today, the day 1 edition with steel case that they had on sale. After the last post, I sent them an email. I got a reply to that, in which they said they couldnt find any purchases linked to my email. After that, I went back to chat support, where I was "booked for a phone call". After an hour or two of mowing the lawn out back, I still hadn't received a call, and back to support I went. There I was told I was passed on to the promotion team, who would reply within two days. That day was a Thursday. On Monday I still hadn't heard from them. I went back to chat support, and was told the same thing, to wait two days, and so I did. On the third day I contacted support again, and I somehow ended up with getting a 60 pound gift card (UK) to purchase the game with so I got it for free, and it arrived today. Thanks for the help!!
  2. So currently I'm writing to Amazon, basically going Karn mode. Unfortunately, I received an email from Back-end nvidia support today claiming that only the retailer supplies/ give out the keys, therefore Nvidia can't get me a key. Also nvidia, like amazon, told me to buy a new product, and honestly I'm quite tempted, but theres no card in stock, and if i return it now, its quite likely I wont receive a game code due to the promotion running out
  3. I tried out the key on Geforce experience, where the "redeem" button was unclickable due to the length of the key, and I tried redeeming it on the Nvidia website where I just get "invalid code" errors. I have records of 2 different conversations with Nvidia support which both say that the code is invalid. Amazon claims it has no way of generating a new key.
  4. So last week, 11th of July, I purchased a MSI RTX 2070 super gaming x trio on Amazon. At the time of purchase, the card was valid for the promotion so I should get the code for the game, right? Well, I received the card 2 days ago and it works perfectly fine. That same day I contacted Amazon support to receive my game key to redeem on Geforce Experience, and I received a 13 digit key. Not everyone might know this, but the key required has to be 24 digits. Therefore I received an invalid key. I had contacted Amazon support again yesterday in hopes of getting a new key, but was told that the only way was to purchase a new product. Quite annoyed with this I went to Nvidia support and told them of my situation, and I was admitted to that my purchase was valid for the promotion, but only the retailer could supply the keys. Therefore, I was once again told to return the product and purchase again. Now, that might seem an easy thing to do, but the thing is the card is out of stock. So now I'm stuck with a perfectly fine card, valid for the promotion, and no game key for Death Stranding, and I don't know what to do. Help?